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An evidence-based, sensitive, whole-person approach to treating stuttering.


Each person who stutters has unique therapy needs and needs a therapist who takes time to listen, explore, and understand their unique experiences with stuttering so that treatment is most effective.

Treatment of stuttering requires skillful teaching, coaching, counseling, and collaboration with clients and families. My approach involves careful consideration of which fluency-enhancing or stuttering modification techniques will best meet the client's needs, teaching skills with thoughtful design of in-session and carryover activities, and use of evidence-based counseling and coaching techniques that have been proven effective with people who stutter.


Some of the most satisfying, enriching, moments of my career have been when working with individuals who stutter, seeing them gain the tools, confidence, and perspectives on stuttering that transform their relationship to the disorder, empowering them to communicate effectively and without the communication fears and anxieties that once weighed them down.  

It is an honor to bring my 25 years of experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist to working with individuals and groups of individuals who stutter. In addition to working with clients privately, I have worked as a Clinical Educator/Supervisor at the Western Washington University Speech-Language Clinic for 20 years, training and supervising graduate students in the assessment and treatment of stuttering, voice, and other communication disorders.  My background as a Nonviolent Communication Trainer, mediator, and social-emotional development coach also inform my work with fluency disorders.

Children at School

Elementary, Middle and High School

Services are focused on:

~personal strengths

~personal goal setting

~fluency skill-building 

~reducing tension and struggle 

~understanding your stuttering

~recognizing stressors 

~communication confidence 

~reducing communication fears


~recognizing your inner critic

~developing your inner coach

Check out this exciting, supportive, online peer learning opportunity for kids 11-14 years, which will focus on communication confidence and overcoming the social and emotional impacts of stuttering.  

Clapping Audience


Treatment might focus on any of the following:

~fluency skill-building

~preparatory mindset

~reducing struggle

~tension awareness and control

~self-coaching strategies

~acquiring self-therapy skills

~transforming unhelpful beliefs

~communication confidence

~communication satisfaction

~self-empathy skills

~desensitization to stuttering

~stuttering modification

And that day you rise and speak with strength...when you choose to bring all of you to the moment and silence is no longer an option, then you will have truly claimed your voice. That is when you'll know that your presence and words carry far more power than the cadence or manner with which you express them.  

Kids in Vegetable Farm


I currently offer online parent consultation, coaching and therapy services for children three to five years of age.  In some cases it may be effective to involve young children in these online services. This is determined on a case by case basis in collaboration with parents.  

Please let me know if I can support you or if you have any questions.

I look forward to supporting you!

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