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 When individuals thrive, systems and organizations can thrive.


Whether or not someone is in a position of leadership, their mindset and communication skills can deeply influence their own and others' work-related quality of life, and the effectiveness of the organization.


Advanced communication training and conflict coaching in the workplace help build understanding, strengthen connections, and stimulate growth and collaboration.


A culture of strong communication and creative conflict management are essential to a thriving workplace.

Mediation and Conflict Coaching

With a background as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, and Mediator, my services as a communication and conflict coach can support your business, organization, or nonprofit in effectively preventing, managing, and engaging in work-related conflicts and communication breakdowns. An investment in the interpersonal relationships within an organization provides lasting benefits, including greater team cohesion, more efficient meetings, greater job satisfaction, and enhanced productivity. 

Business Conversation

Social-Emotional and Personal Effectiveness

Struggling with interpersonal relationships in the workplace? I bring a unique set up skills and tools, backed by science and research, to support you in developing your interpersonal communication skills and social-emotional well-being.

-social emotional intuition & intelligence

-verbal and nonverbal communication

-active listening and empathy skills

-collaboration excellence

-vocabulary for personal effectiveness

-written and oral 



-negotiation and conflict management


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