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Executive Function Coaching


Prepare your child for middle school:

Grades 4, 5, and 6

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Your child's path to getting things done.
Relieve the pressure!
Reduce conflicts around school work.
Empower your child with skills for greater independence in school and in life.
Boost your child's confidence.
Learn practical ways to support your child and enhance their executive function.
Support social-emotional development.

Parents and children carry a heavy load these days and I'm here to support you.

Study Groups

 Executive Function Skills and Strategies

Coaching focuses on explicit instruction and facilitation of EF skills and strategies such as self-starting, planning, organization, time-management, frustration tolerance, and task execution. With a gradual release of responsibility to your child, they will internalize skills and grow in their ability to successfully manage their own school and personal responsibilities. 

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Self-Assessment, Self-Reflection, and Self-Advocacy

Your child will increase their self-understanding and reflective thinking habits and dynamically assess their own strengths and needs. With added emphasis on social-emotional aspects of executive function, they will develop skills for recognizing and understanding their feelings and needs, advocating for themselves, and getting the support they need from you and their teachers.


Collaboration, Accountability,


I take a light-hearted approach to creating trust, compassionate accountability, and supporting a growth mindset. Your child will feel supported and connected in the process as they develop greater agency, resilience, and self-reliance. 

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Supporting Success through Parent Education 

Resources and tips are provided to parents to support their children's growth. I offer guidance for better understanding your child's strengths, needs, and creating home systems that support success and enhance parent-child relationships. 

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Individual and dyad coaching are available on a session-by-session basis or you can inquire about a multi-session package. 

Click here to schedule individual sessions.


  Your children can stay in connection and learn with their friends. Sign up as a group for a series of 8 sessions, with flexible scheduling over a 12-week period. Sessions are held via Zoom videoconferencing, typically once per week.

Groups self-select and you submit one registration for your group. 

Click here to register your group and I will contact you for scheduling



1 child: $70 per 40-minute session

1-2 children = $90 per 50-minute session

3 children = $114/ 60-minute session per group ($912/8 sessions)

4 children = $132/ 60-minute session per group ($1056/8 sessions)

5 children = $150/ 60-minute session per group ($1200/8 sessions)

See Plans and Pricing or contact me at if you have questions or wish to schedule a phone consultation.

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