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Treating structural, functional, and neurologic-based voice and upper airway reactivity disorders, including :

Vocal Nodules

Chronic vocal fold inflammation

Muscle Tension Dysphonia

Spasmodic Dysphonia

Partial vocal fold paralysis

Vocal fatigue

Voice changes from overuse or traumatic use of the voice

Vocal Cord Dysfunction/Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion

Refractory Chronic Cough

Vocal hygiene/vocal care

Vocal health for the professional voice user

Voice impairment secondary to Parkinson's Disease

Gender-affirming voice and communication 

Pre- and post- operative consultation and treatment


I offer an evidence-based, eclectic approach to treating voice disorders. Services include counseling related to lifestyle and vocal health, education and training of vocal technique exercises to improve strength and balance of the vocal mechanism and facilitate healing of the vocal folds, myofascial release and manual/postural adjustment for disorders of muscle misuse, and more. 

Treatment is designed based on the voice disorder, cause, related factors, and your input and personal goals. 

To inquire about services please email

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