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Transgender and gender non-conforming community


2021 - Bringing in a new year!

Self-Compassion, Self-Love

Empowered Voices

Grant-funded, 10-week (8-session) online course


Monday evenings 6:30-8:30

January 4, 11, 18

February 1, 8, 15

March 1, and 8

INSTRUCTORYarrow Pospisil, MA, CCC-SLP and CNVC Certified Trainer


​My work with the transgender community began about 15 years ago as a voice and communication therapist (SLP), supporting clients to develop voice and communication patterns that align more fully with their gender identity (see more).

I also provide coaching to transgender/gender non-conforming individuals and groups in the areas of mindfulness-based communication practices, self-compassion, and empowered self-expression. Trained in trauma-sensitive practices and with a strong vision for equity, diversity, and belonging, I hold a deep care and respect for the transgender community and the often complex journey of living true to oneself. 


This learning community will pilot a 8-week training program aimed at transforming inner and outer dialogues into compassionate, empowered exchanges, leading to improved relationships and quality of life.

Curriculum is heavily influenced by the work of Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg (i.e., Compassionate Communication), outcome measures for this course will focus on..... 


  • Recognizing and transforming inner narratives that fuel self-doubt, judgment, or shame

  • Developing inner clarity and compassion surrounding one's own feelings and needs

  • Improving quality of life through daily values-based action

  • Embodying confidence, inner power, and compassion during tough conversations 

  • Healing, reconciliation and reunification in ruptured relationships

  • Self-advocacy: effectiveness and satisfaction

Participation will include...

  • Completing pre-training questionnaire

  • Eight, 2-hour group learning sessions.

  • Support from one empathy partner and a private Facebook group

  • One individual1-hour coaching session with Yarrow   

  • Book:  Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life- 2nd Edition, by Dr Marshall B. Rosenberg

  • Course-related handouts/slides

  • Post-training questionnaire 


Maximum 15 participants

This unique experience is entirely grant-funded and AT NO COST to participants. 

Please complete the REGISTRATION form below if you would like to participate. After receiving your form, I will be in touch with you with additional information about the course.  Thank you!


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