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In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am offering all services online at this time. 







Pink Flower

Yarrow Pospisil, MA, CCC

Speech-Language Pathologist

As a certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist for 24 years and a Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer for 14 years, I am an invested therapist and coach, committed to collaborating with my clients to meet their communication needs. 


Specializing in voice, stuttering, social communication, and social-emotional learning, I provide treatment, coaching, and training to individuals and groups to improve interpersonal relationships and quality of life by increasing capacity and skills in the areas of communication and executive function. Click here to read more about my background.

I want to empower you, support you, and give you the tools to become your own therapist or coach, regardless of your age or your communication challenge. 




I also work as a relationship and conflict coach, which you can learn more about here

  Specialized Services

Communicate. Connect. Thrive. 

I want to support you in meeting your personal communication goals!


Please email me to set up a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your therapy, training, or coaching needs, or, if you would like to schedule an appointment click here!

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